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MedTech / PharmaTech / BioTech  Start-up / Spin-off

We call them our entrepreneurial personalities, who often combine different professional skills, good ideas and their will to get started quickly!

Outstanding expertise in some areas of a start-up or spin-off company unfortunately often reveals the deficiencies caused by a lack of experience in other fields.

The consequence of this is often that the original business plans cannot be realized, critical milestones are not reached or difficulties arise that cannot be solved with the existing expertise.

In our experience, these deficiencies are not only evident in corporate planning:

Product development does not get beyond critical stages and there is a risk that the outstanding product idea will not lead to an approved product? All documentation is not up to the level it should be?

The material supply, especially in the electronics sector, is not secured? The selection of the necessary suppliers was executed hastily and is not really future-proof? The supply chains, national and international, are not finalized?

The distribution of products and solutions are not solved? It is not clear whether direct or indirect distribution is the best solution?

The selection of national or international distribution partners has not been done or not done sufficiently?  The pricing for the different distribution forms and markets is not clear?

MedTech / PharmaTech / BioTech
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